We can’t have enough of those moving ears, right? The guys at Neurowear know well how much we like the cute brain-controlled ears, so the company behind the popular Necomimi cat ears now making a wolf ear version of the popular wearable BCI headband. Inspired by anime director Mamoru Hosoda’s Wolf Children anime movie (Ōkami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki), the new wolf ears are unfortunately available only in a very-very-very limited number – not more than 6 pairs in total.

So Neurowear is making only six pairs of the wolf ears.  Four pairs to be given away as prizes in “The Wolf Children Summer Fair” campaign. And the other two, you might ask. We have no idea. Probably they will keep for themselves to bright up boring office hours.

The limited-edition ears are based on the two Wolf Children in the film, Ame and Yuki. The two children are born after their mother falls in love with a wolfman. After their father passes away, the two children and their mother move to a rural village.

The film opened in Japanese theaters on 2 July, but no word so far about a US or UK release date.






  • Wolfgirl_Holo

    Where can I buy these(s) Neurowears ?? I reeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly want to buy it (Yuki version). Please answer me. If u want by mail :
    I really thank you.
    Take care and I hope I’ll get an answer sooner or later… (sooner is better ^^’)

    Good bye


  • Wolfgirl_holo

  • BethGray

    You can’t buy the special edition ones. They were part of a special campaign. However necomimi ears themselves are available for purchase at the official necomimi site which is linked above in the article. I also suggest looking at Amazon since sometimes you can get it cheaper there since they have free shipping on some things.

  • Annabel1223

    It so cute to have those kinds of headset. I hope I can find it here.