Necomimi successor Shippo brain-controlled tail Neurowear

Following their extremely popular Necomimi, Japanese company Neurowear has created “Shippo”, a brain-wave controlled tail that waves with your mood and shares your feelings on a smartphone’s map. According to the video (see below) released by Neurowear, the white fluffy tail prototype can differentiate two human mood states: It moves softly and slowly when you are relaxed, but swings at a faster rate when you are focused. Just like when your dog gets excited when greeting someone.The tail’s sensor is connected to a neural app that reads and records the user’s mood and tags it to their exact location on a map. This is a creative idea that might open doors to a new era of mood-based social sharing. It will enable you to search for locations by their mood-rates, for instance it will let you choose a nearby cafe that many people have found relaxing.

The geotagging feature also promises a new way of flirting – a concept that we like much better than strolling around like a creepy Samoyed human-dog crossbreed.

As for the tech side, once again a NeuroSky headset is used in the device, just as it was the case with the Necomimi. The tail is connected via bluetooth with the headset to read the user’s brainwave activity and to detect their emotional state. The data is then transmitted to the tail that will react according to the given input.

Both the Shippo tail and the new mood-tagging software are beta products and there is no word on their release date yet.

To be honest We like the geo-mood-tagging app idea much better than strolling around equipped with a Samoyed dog's tail.
We like Shippo's geo-mood-tagging feature much better than the idea of strolling around with a Samoyed dog's tail.



  • Inuyasha22

    It doesn’t stop wagging? o_O

  • KassandraHut

    where can I buy both of them ( the tail and the ears) ?

  • Shunkathewolf

    @KassandraHut  Only the ears are released. The tail is yet to be released. Here’s the link to the ears. ~

  • KassandraHut

    @Shunkathewolf Thanks <3

  • NemuPanda

    i want the tail so badly ;-;

  • AdamThomasApplebaum

    If they could customize them to be black ears and black with white stripe tails that are a bit slimmer like a real cat’s tails I would totally be interested in this.

  • Hannah Park

    You can actually make your own ears and tails to put on these, or if you’re not handy with a needle and thread there are plenty of sellers on etsy that make custom covers for the necomimi.

  • Hannah Park

    Totally sucks that the shippo was never successfully released. It makes me want to try my hand at making my own to run off of the necomimi though.

  • NadiaWolf

    Man I want this tail so much. I love wolf stuff, and I think this would make an awesome wolf tail! I cant find any current info on this though? the latest posts are from years ago… Anyone that is active on here have any news?